Dresses (9811)

Dress, refers to a dress and skirt together into a dress. Known as "fashion Queen" in various styles, is the most popular and favored style clothes.

The dress is one of the women's favorite summer clothes. Dresses have a variety of styles, and they can also form a variety of different contours and lumbar positions depending on the needs of the shape. For example, a dress can have sleeves, straps, or be held up with elastic around the chest, leaving the shoulders bare. Dresses also vary in color.

The dresses can show a gentle curve of a woman. No matter what kind of body you are, the style will find your dress on the window of the street, because it is only for you. Every line of dress is weaving pretty myths in each line, and the beautiful fantasy of women is woven. The hemlines of dresses vary depending on modesty, weather, fashion or the personal taste of the wearer.

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